Embroidered FlightChops Badge & Decal


Instead of buying a decal and embroidered FlightChops badge, become a part of FlightChops Ground Crew on Patreon!

FlightChop’s Patrons get a free badge and decal, and gain access to special behind-the-scenes footage, members-only exclusive videos, special uncut and extended episodes, contests and giveaways, and even free and discounted swag from time to time, check out my Patreon campaign and show your support!

FlightChops videos are not possible without the help of the community, all proceeds from our Patreon crew are used to produce incredible new aviation content and the more support we have, the more (and varied) content we can produce!
You can show your support for as little a few dollars each month; we have three levels of support and only ever charge for two videos each month, every bit helps to keep the cameras rolling – and we’ll send you out a free badge, a free decal, and a free FlightChops branded cloth mask after three months of Patronage. 


Or, you can order a badge and decal on their own.

1 badge and 1 decal per order.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × .5 cm